Don’t be afraid of change

More than a year ago I decided to go my own way and found my own company. Not an easy decision, not an easy path, but I don’t regret it for a second.

It all starts with an idea you believe in. And then you find people who go with you along the way.

I have been part of the Hexagon story for almost 25 years and I am proud to have made my contribution to this great story.

In 2021, the time had come to write my own story and to consistently follow this path. With the founding of my personal consulting business on the one hand and the co-founding and participation in Nevolane Business (an innovative SaaS solution) I was beginning two new chapters.

Details you can find here: Christian Schorr | LinkedIn



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Christian Schorr

Christian Schorr


CEO, innovator and leader, 25 years international product management experience high-tech hard- and software.